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A1 Spring & Trigger combo

Above is our A1 spring and trigger combo. This combo was created by the need for a lighter trigger release and a simpler way to set the trigger. This trigger can only be set in one position which makes the release more consistent versus other models on the market today.  The spring itself is of a high quality stainless steel and returns to its 90 degree shape when released giving you the full force of the spring and maximum cable pull. All of the Lights Out Snaring models will be identified by a stamp on the trigger . A1 is stamped on the back of the trigger and is a simple way to check you have our product.  The A1 model  was designed for animals from fox to wolverine.

A little about myself I have a background in manufacturing and  I have been trapping for many years very steady at it in the past 5 years and as my manufacturing background has played a great roll in me wanting to make our snare parts the best on the market. I'm not claiming to be a 700 coyote a year trapper but i do put up respectable numbers and have seen a need for great improvement in the quality of the products we are seeing on the market today. I hope that if you try our products you will find that we are at the top of the game and if there is any problems please feel free in letting me know. We can only continue to make this activity better for the future.

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